I really felt honored by Reader’s Digest Asia’s feature of the Philippine Funds for Little Kids story on their October 2011 Issue. Our journey, the journey of the Yellow Boat, of the Yellow Boat Community, started last year (2010) when I found out about the stories of kids who swim to school in the village of Layag-Layag in Zamboanga City.

I usually start my presentations and talks with my two favorite quotes. One of them is from the movie, Kung Fu Panda, where Master Oogway keeps on repeating that "There are no accidents in life."

It has always been my belief that though we have control over our lives. The good Lord, up there, is always guiding us and if we just take the time to listen to him, he will guide us on our journey. He knows everything about us and what we are capable of. It is up to us to discover this.

The Philippine Funds for Little Kids story has been gaining momentum for the last 10 months and I’m really hoping we can launch a formal organization soon, one that will continue inspiring more people that people power is not just about ousting corrupt leaders and governments but more importantly people power is about Filipinos helping other Filipinos.

This is the journey that we have started and we will continue in this journey until we have helped all kids who swim to school.

Again, thank you to Reader’s Digest Asia for the feature article and we hope this feature will allow us to take the Yellow Boat Community to a higher level and begin changing lives and rebuilding communities, one yellow boat at a time.

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